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A Summer Day in Washington, DC

22 August, 2016 (04:55) | History, North America, Scenic Views, Vacation Ideas

What a relaxing way to spend a beautiful mid-summer Saturday in Washington, DC!

Los Angeles Rams

21 August, 2016 (09:57) | Arenas and Stadiums, North America

After more than a 20 year wait, Los Angeles has a Professional Football Team!
The Los Angeles Rams will play at the LA Coliseum for a few years before a new stadium is built! Season Tickets are Sold Out but for lucky fans the seats pictured below are available for purchase!

Single Game Rams Seats for Purchase

Single Game Rams Tickets for Purchase

Game Tickets are available to Purchase on NFL Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster!

Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: Tickets-Section: 26H Row: 75 Seats 101-104 – Corner End Zone Seats – Visiting Team Side – Aisle Seats if entire quantity is purchased


Packing Favorites

15 August, 2016 (04:41) | Clothes to Travel By, Fashion, Fashion Designers, Packing for Travel

Packing some of my favorite Melissa McCarthy Seven 7 Fashions!

Packing some of my favorite Melissa McCarthy Seven 7 Fashions!

Aruba Views

8 August, 2016 (05:44) | Caribbean Travel, Lifestyle, Scenic Views

Located in the southern Caribbean Sea, Aruba is a country filled with scenic views!

Beach View Aruba

Aruba Beach View

Relaxing Aruba Beach View

Relaxing Aruba Beach View

Aruba Night Beach View

Aruba Evening Beach View

Ajaccio, Corsica

1 August, 2016 (05:41) | European Travel, Scenic Views

Ajaccio, Corsica

Ajaccio, Corsica

Corsica, France is located in the Mediterranean Sea, southwest of Italy, southeast of France and north of Sardinia. Corsica is a territorial collectivity of France by law, as such has powers slightly higher than other French regions. The city of Ajaccio, Corsica’s capital and the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte, is as beautiful as it is filled with history. The downtown area is filled with chic boutiques and shops as would be found in Paris. The cobblestone streets are filled with palm trees and outdoor cafes which compliment the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere.

Statue of Napoleon-Bonaparte

Statue of Napoleon-Bonaparte

The visitor to Ajaccio is pleasantly reminded that they are visiting the city of Napoléon Bonaparte’s birth by the numerous statues and historic sites. The main street in Ajaccio is Cours Napoléon. The Ajaccio Cathedral with its Venetian Renaissance style was the site of Napoléon Bonaparte baptismal, his marble baptismal font is located in the Cathedral. The drive along the coast with the view of The Archipelago Iles Sanguinaires is amazing. Corsica is very mountainous along with having more than 200 beaches to its credit.

Corsica can be described in one word “stunning”!
The Archipelago Iles Sanguinaires

The Archipelago Iles Sanguinaires

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