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Transatlantic Cruises

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Atlantic Ocean View

Long before the invention of the commercial airline, transatlantic ocean liners were the only way to get back and forth between North America and Europe. Today, transatlantic cruises are an option for people who love to cruise and/or for people we want an adventure. There are some cruise lines whose normal itinerary are transatlantic cruises but others need to reposition some of their ships at certain times during the year (normally in the spring and fall) as a result with a little research bargains can normally be found.

A repositioning cruise ship moves from one destination to another. Some repositioning cruises have unusual port of calls that the average traveler would normally not think of such as Ponta Delgada, Azores. Be sure to check with your selected cruise line regarding ports of call as they may differ from year to year.

You may wonder what would you do on a cruise ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean for 4 to 6 days? Well the answer is many things; cruise lines have a wide variety of activities for passengers such as spa treatments, fitness center, casino games, cooking classes, theatrical shows, dance classes, art shows, bingo, bowling, etc. Your daily newsletter will display the various activities that are available for your participation, keep in mind that activities differ from each cruise line and ship. Some cruisers find that doing absolutely nothing is just fine for them; the decision of what to do, if anything, is up to you which is truly what a vacation should be all about.