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Check In or Carry On?

Packing for Travel

Luggage Storage

Travel is adventurous but it can also be hectic. As a result it is always a good idea to reduce the stress level as much as possible wherever you can. With airlines charging fees to check in luggage, I recently had to pay $50.00 for a checked bag that was over the limit by just a few pounds. While we all would like to save money, attempting to store oversize luggage in overhead compartments not only delays the boarding and departing process it is also unfair to other passengers who want to store the proper size luggage. In order to avoid some of the stress at the airport some passengers are shipping their luggage ahead of their departure to their hotels. Reducing the amount of clothing that you pack is also something to consider. Packing versatile clothing stretches your clothing options when traveling. It is also wise to consider packing essentials that are capable of doing double duty or purchasing items on your arrival is another option to consider. Preparation helps to reduce the stresses of travel so you can focus in on the adventure ahead.


Comment from Rob

Good ideas!