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While We Stay At Home

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Travel has the ability to energize the mind as well as allowing dreamers, like myself, a chance to live out our dreams.

Travel has provided us with new adventures, new friendships and new opportunities all of which would not have been possible if it were not for our passion for travel.

We have met some amazing people during our travels. The elderly couple who volunteered to be our tour guides in Dublin Ireland, the friendly women in an apartment overlooking the Seine River in Paris who wished us well as we passed on a raining afternoon, the kind gentleman who offered to help us in the post office in the Azores, the helpful woman who went out of her way to provide us with directions in Amsterdam as well as so many others around the world. I can not help but to wonder if they are well.

We at Scenic Runway would like to take a moment to thank the courageous workers on the frontline around the world in their efforts to try to bring all of our lives back to normal or to a new normal!

While spending this unexpected time at home I am brushing up on my French and my baking skills.

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