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Black Lives Matter Plaza

24 June, 2020 (10:52) | History, North America, Washington DC

We at Scenic Runway believe that everyone in this world has a part to play in promoting equality for all! (Pictures taken by Scenic Runway on June 20, 2020)


St. John’s Church, Washington DC


Protest Signs in Lafayette Park, Washington DC


Protest Signs in Front of White House

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Blankenberge, Belgium

26 May, 2020 (13:57) | European Travel, History, Lifestyle

Recently we traveled to Belgium and stopped by the town of Blankenberge!

Scenic Runway Travels iBook

18 May, 2020 (05:59) | Apple App, Asian Travel, Atlantic Travel, Cuisine, European Travel, Fashion, History, Meghan Markle, North America, Packing for Travel

Scenic Runway Travels is a condensed collection of stories, pictures as well as travel tips of some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. Travel has has brought us new discoveries, amazing adventures, fulfillment of long held dreams and sights that only travel can bring.

Each traveler has their own unique experiences but for us travel has always
energized us, brought us clarity but most of all travel brings us back to who we are!

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Amsterdam Airport

15 May, 2020 (06:49) | European Travel, Lifestyle

While walking to my assigned gate to board my flight at the Amsterdam Airport I noticed this Tulip Flower Pot Table! Shortly afterwards, I ran into a vendor selling Tulips from the Netherlands minutes before boarding my flight. I immediately purchased a variety of tulips for my home in the United States!

Cork, Ireland

12 May, 2020 (10:08) | European Travel, Scenic Views

While visiting Ireland in May, we got a chance to view the beautiful coastline in Cork, Ireland!

Ajaccio, Corsica

8 May, 2020 (05:41) | European Travel, Scenic Views, Vacation Ideas

Ajaccio, Corsica

Ajaccio, Corsica

Corsica, France is located in the Mediterranean Sea, southwest of Italy, southeast of France and north of Sardinia. Corsica is a territorial collectivity of France by law, as such has powers slightly higher than other French regions. The city of Ajaccio, Corsica’s capital and the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte, is as beautiful as it is filled with history. The downtown area is filled with chic boutiques and shops as would be found in Paris. The cobblestone streets are filled with palm trees and outdoor cafes which compliment the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere.

Statue of Napoleon-Bonaparte

Statue of Napoleon-Bonaparte

The visitor to Ajaccio is pleasantly reminded that they are visiting the city of Napoléon Bonaparte’s birth by the numerous statues and historic sites. The main street in Ajaccio is Cours Napoléon. The Ajaccio Cathedral with its Venetian Renaissance style was the site of Napoléon Bonaparte baptismal, his marble baptismal font is located in the Cathedral. The drive along the coast with the view of The Archipelago Iles Sanguinaires is amazing. Corsica is very mountainous along with having more than 200 beaches to its credit.

Corsica can be described in one word “stunning”!

The Archipelago Iles Sanguinaires

The Archipelago Iles Sanguinaires

Fashion Week in New York City

4 February, 2020 (06:00) | Fashion, Fashion Designers, New York City, North America

It’s Fashion Week in New York City!

To find out when your favorite designers will be showcasing their new designs just click on the schedule above to enlarge.

Schedule PDF Credit: NYFW

The London International Cruise Terminal

2 January, 2020 (07:41) | Cruise Info, European Travel, Lifestyle, Travel Options

While on a recent European cruise, one of our ports of call was Tilbury, England. Located approximately 25 miles from London, Tilbury is the location of the London International Cruise Terminal. One of the benefits of travel is that you get a chance to meet people you would normally not meet.

Tilbury, England was a town that I was not familiar with. I was aware that London was nearby but on this trip I wanted to experience a smaller town with a slower pace. Upon arriving at the terminal I noticed a gentleman who appeared to be providing information to passengers like myself. As I awaited my turn to ask a question I noticed how Nick, the cruise terminal employee, was putting passengers at ease with his answers to their questions.

When my turn came around I mentioned to Nick that I originally thought about heading to Windsor because of the recent arrival of Baby Sussex. But we both agreed that it would be too much of a journey. Nick then mentioned the town of Gravesend which was accessible by a ferry a short walk from the cruise terminal.

Once we arrived back at the terminal from Gravesend we ran into Nick who soon discovered my love of history. Nick was kind enough to provide us with a tour of the terminal and its history. He also discussed the upcoming renovations of the historical building. We even sat on a bench from the 1800’s. Knowing that we were sitting on a bench that cruise passengers sat on so long ago was magical. I was fascinated with the brick work in the building and the ticket booth used by passengers almost two centuries ago.

As I mentioned, I was not familiar with Tilbury, England but with the assistance of Nick we discovered a historical magical place.